It’s been a while… 

Since I saw you last week, after all these years, my mind has been subconsciously drifting on and off on thoughts about you.

It’s been years.

But my reflex and reaction towards you, my heart and body hadn’t seem to forget it yet.

I think I’ve been holed up in denial about thinking that I don’t care about you anymore.

We were never even together.

There was never an us.




I know.

The thing is I can’t even talk to anyone about you.

You acknowledged me.

But you never really looked at me.

Like always.

Just like how it was before.

Will I ever get your attention?

I guess not.

But I’m used to it.

If you could just spare one look at me.

Just one look.

I guess not.

I guess I’m stuck inside, trapped inside.

Just like before, it’s you I always see.

But just like before, you never see me.

After all these years, I shall say this again.

Though I know it won’t ever reach you, just like before.

But yes, I think I still love you.


It’s when times like this I feel peaceful not talking to anyone or not checking out on anyone.

Ignorance is bliss..

But being invisible feels awful.

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I raise my middle finger.

I raise my middle finger.

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You have no idea how worthless you made me feel…..

You have no idea how worthless you made me feel…..

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"I think people misunderstand, sometimes, the difference between “empathy” and “sympathy”, and this is getting us in trouble. Sympathy is closer to pity. Empathy, which is essential for being human, means that you can imagine yourself in some else’s situation, good or bad. And feeling *real* empathy, even empathy with “the enemy”, with the bottom of the barrel of humanity, with the suicide bombers, with the child molesters, with the Hitlers and the Osamas, is necessary. If you, as a human being, can’t stop and try to imagine what sort of pain and agony and darkness must have descended upon these people to twist them up so badly, you have no roadmap to untwist the circumstances under which they were created. … There can be no limit to empathy. … If you can’t go the final mile, you’re not there yet." —

Poignant meditation on empathy by Amanda Palmer, who knows a thing or two about the terrifying joy of sharing your work online.

Pair with philosopher Judith Butler on how reading and the humanities make us more empathetic and philosopher Roman Krznaric on empathy and social change.

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